Return of WillettintheWild

Hi all… It’s been a while but I’m back!!! After completing my year in Oslo life became much less exciting with very little travel involved. And then Covid hit less than a year later so that put a hold on travel plans. But my travel has begun to pick up again – I recently travelled … More Return of WillettintheWild


Zadar – Day 2

Hi all. Sorry for the delay in getting out my day 2 Croatia blog… I’ve been working the past few days and with the clocks going back I’m driving home in the dark which is really messing with my energy levels. I get home and feel like it should be time to sleep. Anyway… here … More Zadar – Day 2

Zadar – Day 1

As promised my first post about my time in Croatia is here. The day started slow before heading out to explore the old town. It was a beautiful day which made the town seem even better. If you haven’t heard of Zadar it is a city on the coast of Croatia, and is the oldest … More Zadar – Day 1

Lisbon – Day 3

Once again we didn’t rush to get out early in the morning and headed out to see the castle. Instead of walking up the steepest part we headed to another lift that takes you up to a view point. This view point looked across the city and we spotted some ruins of a cathedral, or … More Lisbon – Day 3

Lisbon – Day 2

After an interesting nights sleep where I was woken up at 1.30am by what sounded like cannons but I’m pretty sure it was just fireworks we had a slow morning. Having a nice breakfast and making our lunch for the day before heading out. We had decided to go to the Cathedral ‘Sé’. This meant … More Lisbon – Day 2

Lisbon – Day 1

I arrived into Lisbon at around 3.30 after a 4 hour flight. I was quite lucky as I’d managed to get exit seat for no extra cost, meaning that I had extra leg room. As it was a 4 hour flight we also got a free meal which was ‘nice’. We were given some sort … More Lisbon – Day 1